It’s official, or almost official, the Chicago Market, one of Chicago’s few co-op markets, is coming to Uptown.

Chicago Tribune article

A grocery store is coming to Uptown’s historic Gerber building.

The CTA will vote on Wednesday on letting Chicago Market, a cooperative that specializes on locally grown and organic foods…

Times are a-changing for Uptown. Another important step in building a new future for our community.




The new GWNA Board extends a huge THANK YOU to Katharine Boyda for so many years of loyal service to GWNA. Katharine, your efforts on Sunnyside Mall and to move GWNA forward have been tremendous. 

Although you are no longer on the Board, we know you will continue to help beautify the neighborhood and help usher in new developments and help the community flourish as we continue the rise of Uptown from the ashes. GWNA will continue to push for accountability from organizations like Voice of People that have manage thousands of units in our ward.

GWNA joins forces with SPNA and all Sheridan Park Block Clubs

Sheridan Park Neighbors Association, SPNA, is the umbrella organization for all Sheridan Park block clubs.

The decision was made unanimously by:  Dover Street Neighbors, Beacon Block Club, Magnolia Malden Neighbors and Graceland Wilson Neighbors Association.

Jason Neal, SPNA president, was a featured speaker at this meeting.  The action plan focuses on participating in a master plan for the commercial streets. Just imagine more bustling vibrant shops coming to Sheridan park.


GWNA Board Members
Jason DeVore (President)
Colleen McDevitt (Secretary)
Max Reising (Treasurer)


Gang Shooting on Magnolia—Police shut down the street

 Gangs are out of hibernation, or jail, not sure which. Shooting up one another on Magnolia just north of Sunnyside this afternoon.

Details are sketchy.  Apparently rival gangs—Latin Kings and Maniac Latin Disciples—crazy names and members.

Took aim and started shooting around noon today. One person down.

911 SPNA Call Group alerted police to gang member hiding out in laundry room of rental building by Malden and Sunnyside.


Mark your Planner—GWNA Meeting on March 26 at 7pm

Join us on Monday, March 26, at 7pm. Emerald City hosting.

Chock-full meeting agenda will include: New officer elections, latest on cleaning out gang infested CHA properties or housing court.

And the hot-mess CTA has currently created under the Wilson El Station.    Between Wilson and Montrose. We still believe the Wilson Underline, public plaza will happen.

Mark your calendar now—Monday, 26th

Wishing you Peace, joy and a Magical Holiday!


Holiday magic was all around our Block Clubs’ event at Provisions Uptown on Monday!  Thanks to everyone who showed up for a wondrous evening filled with good tidings of holiday cheer and neighbors meeting neighbors.

Provisions Uptown set the perfect holiday mood—the Christmas and Holiday décor, like this little snowman—gave us reason to celebrate Uptown’s growing small businesses. Especially those who support community gatherings.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! And to all a wondrous New Year!


And always remember…


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

Join Graceland Wilson Neighbors Association and all Uptown Block Clubs’ neighbors for a holiday shindig at Provisions Uptown! The event is Monday, December 11th, 5:30-8:30.


Uptown’s local independent shop owners are essential to our community’s bright new future. Come share the holiday fun while chatting with your neighbors.


Monday, December  11th, from 5:30 to 8:30pm—Provisions Uptown, located right next door to the Uptown Theater, brings on the holiday cheer with wine tastings, cool-weather cocktails, tasty nibbles and 10% off all purchases…


GWNA 1217 Provisions Event


Provisions Uptown—4812 N Broadway—one of Uptown’s growing independent small businesses!

See you Monday evening, December 11th.


Underscore Theatre Celebrates Holidays in Their Own Unique Way!


Check out Underscore’s Tiny Storefront Concert Series this weekend when they present Holly Jolly Hanukah!  Join Uptown’s resident theater company as they bring you an evening of carols to put you in the holiday spirit.


Click here for more information and to purchase tickets.


Tickets are $12 at the door and $10 online in advance! Performances are Saturday at 11 PM and Sunday at 8PM.


And thank you for supporting live theater in Chicago!



And always remember…


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.



Lots of changes going on in Uptown. Hope to see you Monday to learn more about what’s happening and how you can be part of Uptown’s bright new future!

Bring a neighbor, forward this email, post on Facebook. Emerald City Uptown, 1224 W Wilson, 7pm. Come early, grab a refreshment.

GWNA Meeting Flyer 1217

GWNA Newsletter, November 22, 2017

Block Club Meeting December 4th—Public Safety Strides, Call for New Board Members & More


Uptown is rapidly changing and we are too!  You are invited to the GWNA, Graceland Wilson Neighbors Association, block club meeting on Monday, December 4th, at 7PM, to hear all about what’s happening in our community.


We have an ambitious agenda with updates from the Sheridan Park 911 Public Safety team leaders, submissions for new board members, and a short overview on the North Lake Shore Dr. project that will dramatically alter how Uptown folks access Lake Shore Dr.


GWNA Meeting Flyer 1217


Time for new board members with energy to take us to the next level.  Elections early 2018. Block clubs are the building blocks of vibrant, thriving communities—We are seeking interested, caring board members.  Are you willing to make the commitment? Submissions for President, Secretary and Treasurer are open now.  You can submit your name and reasons why you want to run to or at the meeting.


New committee chairs are also be added—including Sheridan Park Neighbors Liaison. Plus GWNA Events Coordinator to bring new focus to businesses and neighborhood activities that build a sense of community pride. Also GWNA Communications Director to strengthen our outreach.


Mark your planner for Monday, December 4th—Emerald City Coffee, 1224 W. Wilson, is hosting.


Save-the-Date—Holiday Cheers at Provisions Uptown on December 11th


All work and no play makes for unhappy people. We aim to add fun and good times with community events that highlight and support Uptown’s independent businesses.

Join us on Monday evening, December 11th at Provisions Uptown, 4812 N Broadway.  Wine tastings, cocktail of the night, lots of tasty nibbles and special discounts for Uptown block club members. Stay tuned—details and flyer coming soon.



Save-the-date 12.11.17



Everyone at GWNA would like to wish you and yours a Happy, Healthy & Safe Thanksgiving!


And always remember….

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.