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A fellow member wanted to pass along the following information to any parents in our area:

“A group of parents in Uptown have started a Facebook group called the Uptown Parents Network. Any parent who is interested in improving the neighborhood for their children or themselves is invited to join. Currently the group is getting organized, and will start meeting up in local parks as a type of “positive loitering”. Eventually the group hopes to focus on school issues in Uptown or look at targeting some other issue relating to parents and kids in the neighborhood. Ideally, the group will eventually include a wide segment of Uptown parents, but we’re still getting the word out. Please join by going to our Facebook group here:

Then, click the “Ask to Join Group” button at the top.

Susan Ridihalgh”

Thanks to everyone in advance for making a difference in our community!

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Sorry for the late notice on this one!

We could really use someone on within the GWNA boundaries to volunteer for this Aldermanic Crime and Safety Committee.  Please see the letter below for further information.

Responses are required by Wednesday, May 4th.

Thank you!

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

For the last several years and throughout this latest election, crime and safety have been among top concerns in our ward.  Under Alderman Cappleman’s direction, we are now in the process of forming the 46th Ward Crime and Safety Committee; a committee formed to not only discuss these issues, but work to create solutions and strategies for improvement.  We are looking for volunteers to serve on the committee and I ask you for your help.  Before you decide, I would like you to understand the commitment involved:

  • The committee will meet for 1-2 hours each for three consecutive weeks to kick-off.  The first meeting date has not yet been determined, but we want to start ASAP.  If you are interested, please reply with your best and most convenient evenings so we can accommodate everyone as we understand your time is valuable.
  • These meetings are not only discussion based, but action oriented.  We will be asking committee members and volunteers to take the lead on various initiatives which may include researching policy, writing documents, gathering data, etc.  All meetings will be at Alderman Cappleman’s office at 4133 N. Broadway.
  • During our first meeting, we will be developing our Vision Statement which will be the baseline for our future activities.  Please consider the following and have suggestions to share regarding the following questions to help us craft our statement:
  • What values do we want to preserve in the ward?
  • What is working well?
  • What needs to be changed? Identify the top 3 priority initiatives within your committee’s topic that you would like to see implemented in the 46th Ward.
  • How will these initiatives promote economic development in the ward?
  • How will these initiatives promote sustainability and environmental responsibility within the ward?
  • Who will these initiatives immediately affect and how will they be involved in attaining the goals?
  • Who else will be part of the solution (identify stakeholders and roles)?
  • What are the goals to reach these three initiatives and how will we measure success (include timeline if necessary)?

Please respond to me by Wednesday, May 4, 2011 with your contact information and dates of availability so we can schedule the first meeting.  I look forward to working with you and our new Alderman, James Cappleman, to help make Uptown a safer community.

Please feel free to forward this on to others whom you think may be interested as well!

Keith Forshaw
Cell: (773)-315-1515

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