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The good news is… police apprehended an alleged suspect in an attack on Sunday, thanks to the fast thinking of concerned citizens who jumped in to help the victim


The bad news  is…the violence continued throughout the weekend.


Uptown became a gang/mob battleground on Saturday night into Sunday morning beginning with a gang shooting at Clarendon Park that was captured on video. The mobs quickly spread west terrorizing our community into the early morning hours. Resident whose homes are located right where the mob gathered say the police were ineffective and failed to disburse the crowd.


Click below to read more from “Crime in Wrigleyville and Boystown”, whose detailed descriptions are spot on for this report. There is video embedded in the story of this weekend’s Clarendon Park shooting. The story continues on to detail the shooting outside of Truman College; nobody was injured but property damage occurred to the window at Jimmy John’s and tires of parked private vehicles. (You can copy and paste the link into your browser if a hyperlink does not appear here.)


Another attack, this time on Sunday, is detailed by one resident in her email to GWNA…

Just returned from walking my dogs and encountered three police cars on Montrose and Beacon. Police were handcuffing teen male and depositing him in back of SUV. Asked what happened from folks at the scene. 

According to 2 males walking their dog and a female walking her dog—at 3:10 PM a male biker was attacked by approximately 6 teens and punched in the face as they attempted to steal his bike.  Good Samaritan males tackled the teen who punched the biker and held him while calling 911.  One female eyewitness stayed on scene to answer police questions.  Males were able to videotape part of the attack.  They are friends of the man attacked last Wednesday while gardening on the corner of Dover and Sunnyside.

What are our possible solutions to these issues? As a community, should we begin to stand up for ourselves ensuring that the alderman and the city hear our demands to do something? OR should we sit back and wait for them to take care of it?

If you have suggestions, please post them here. Enough is enough!

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There are reports that a group of teens in the area are going up to random people and punching them. If you see action such as this, the Chicago police have advised area CAPS leaders to call 911 IMMEDIATELY!


From the Beacon Block Club last night….

Be careful. I was walking my dog near the corner of Sunnyside and Dover and watch a group of approximately 10-15 African American kids from about 10-16 years old walking down the street in a group. One of the older boys walked over to a man who was gardening on the corner and punched him in the face. Many scattered, but some of the kids stayed to see his reaction and ask him “if it hurt”. It was clearly a game.


From the Dover Street Block Club…

There is a small but mighty crowd of kids (12-14 age, 6-8 kids?) on bikes and on foot making their way through the neighborhood making trouble kind of regularly… I think it’s the same kids who did the cars the other day, and last night they approached Tim, AS HE WAS GARDENING… one of them asked Tim the time… as Tim was reaching for his cell, the kid cold-cocked him. Evidently this is a “thing” kids do; punch random people and try to knock them out! Very sad. But please be wary of these kids and do not hesitate to call the police.


Please warn your neighbors and contact police if you see violence of any sort. And be sure to be aware of your surroundings.


Thank you!

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