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Save the Date—Community Meeting on Wilson L Station Public Space Design

We’re hosting a meeting with the CTA and alderman on Wednesday, November 5, to share our ideas for transforming the Wilson L Station public space into a dynamic community space.

At the last meeting on September 16—many attendees came to mike and voiced their desire for wide landscaped pathways, good community-created artwork and benches, and more. We somehow strongly believe we can make it happen.

Mark your planner: Meeting will be Wednesday, November 5 at 7PM at Brightview Nursing Center on 4538 N. Beacon.

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Come One, Come All!

Bring your ghosts and ghouls, your witches and warlocks, and don’t forget your superheros to the…

GWNA Halloween Pumpkin Party

Saturday, 10/25/2014 from 10AM to Noon

Sunnyside Mall

Click on the link below for complete information!


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We would like to remind you of our membership social on:

Wednesday, October 15 from 6:30-8:30

Location is TBD but we should have confirmation soon and will update you as soon as possible. It is with your support that we can continue to host events, green our neighborhoods and have a voice in our local government. We hope you all can attend and bring neighbors and other friends who live in the area!


Another weekend…another shooting in our area, when is this going to end?

There was yet another shooting Friday October 3rd, at approximately 11:25PM in the alley behind 1100 W. Montrose.

The following account was witnessed by a resident of the 1100 W. Montrose building. The address given to the 911 operator, 4418 N. Clifton, is a Voice of the People property.


“I heard four shots, surprisingly not very loud considering the location.  My bedroom window was open and the woman screaming her husband was shot was louder than the gunfire. I watched the aftermath from my window.The victim African American male (middle age) was able to smoke a cigarette and waited patiently and quietly for the ambulance. The address the wife gave to 911 was 4418 N. Clifton; not a large pool of blood.

It took a while for the police to come and it may be that the “wife” who called was yelling so loud that 911 did not take her seriously. The police came and a few officers are combing the alley for bullet casings. I did not see the wife go with her husband in the ambulance.  The police did not look like they were talking to people or asking questions, but then again by the time the police arrived, the residents who came out to look went back inside.”


Other area residents have voiced opinions and the need for the Voice of the People Properties to be held accountable for all gang activity in their buildings. What is the solution to these ongoing crime issues? Please send us your input and suggestions. We are looking to schedule a neighborhood meeting with a representative from the State’s Attorney’s office to discus what options we have as area residents.

We will provide more info on this meeting when we have confirmations. This is another reason to attend our membership social, join GWNA and help improve our neighborhoods.

Thank you!

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Public Safety…Kids’ Halloween Activities…Membership Drive…Area Greening
(Montrose to Wilson, Malden to Broadway)

GWNA Newsletter—October 1, 2014


Another Murder on Magnolia shakes our community

At approximately 10:45 AM on Monday, September 15, gunfire shattered our neighborhood.

Neighbors reported a black male had been shot on Magnolia & Sunnyside. The ambulance and police arrived quickly—both stayed at the scene for some time as neighbors gathered to witness yet another homicide on Magnolia.

The victim, Christopher McGhee, was pronounced dead later that morning. McGhee previously resided in the CHA property at 4454 N Magnolia, but his family had not lived there for sometime. An investigation is underway, hopefully the police security camera on the corner captured footage.

Graceland Wilson Neighbors has been actively involved in improving our community through a number of public safety initiatives. Once we have more information, we will update the community.

We’ve made good progress with the removal of many notoriously active gang members who often brazenly tore apart our neighborhood with their gang-gun wars on our streets.  However, we have a long way to go and believe that the more neighbors who get on-board and get involved, the sooner peace and public safety will be restored.

5 Things You Can Do for Public Safety

1.      Call 911 when you see a crime being committed—leave your name, provide details, videos and photos welcome. It is important that you identify yourself so the police know who to contact for further information.

2.      Create 911 call trees with your neighbors—the more calls, the better!

3.      If you observe properties and/or public spaces that are hot spots for criminal activity—note time, addresses, details and send emails to: AND

4.      Join your block club—Graceland Wilson Neighbors Association boundaries are Broadway to Malden, Montrose to Wilson.  Membership drive coming this month

5.      Talk with your neighbors, encourage them to get involved—sign up for GWNA newsletter today



  •   GWNA Membership and Social—Wednesday, October 15—6:30 until 8:30. Come meet your neighbors over cocktails and conversation. Location—TBA
  •   Kid’s Halloween Party—Saturday morning, October 25, Pumpkin decorating, costumes on kids and dogs welcome—details coming soon.


Wilson L Station Reconstruction Project—Community meeting Recap, another meeting in the works

The CTA and Alderman Cappleman hosted a full house at Truman College in early September to roll out the delayed Wilson L Reconstruction project.  The presentation focused on the project time-line and activities set to begin later this year until completion in 2017. The $207 million project will bring a main station entrance to the south side of Wilson and another sub-station on Sunnyside just west of Target and Aldi’s.

You can read more on the time-line, project scope and see the renderings at:

The CTA’s current plan for the open public space which sits between Aldi & Target and the behemoth Truman parking garage did nothing to improve the urban design or pedestrian access to the station or surrounding stores. Residents at prior meetings asked for a welcoming, open public plaza with wide, landscaped walkways and comfortable seating that activates the space.

After the rather dry presentation—the room opened up for questions.  Many folks came to the mike with questions and suggestions on creating public plaza that offers pedestrians, bikers and commuters a wonderful public plaza that connects this transportation hub with the community.

The alderman was fully supportive of generating a public plaza design with strong community input.

We’ll be hosting another community meeting where we can explore and share our ideas…

Stay tuned for the Wilson L Public Plaza Community Meeting.



Sunnyside Mall – Creating a Green Space

The Sunnyside Mall was abuzz with gardeners early Saturday, September 27, digging, planting and watering three garden plots.

Sitting at the mall center of Malden & Sunnyside, neighbors from the surrounding block clubs transformed three garden plots – thanks to block club money donations and neighboring home gardens. You can check out the transformation below.

Best yet, we sure can use more volunteers when we continue our planting and work in the future.  Get on board by emailing us at 

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