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Some quick notes to what will probably be our last newsletter of the year…

Community Development

Wilson L Project—Community Meetings on Public Space & Pedestrian Access Design

Back in 2012, GWNA conducted a community survey on the Wilson L Reconstruction project to learn what improvements people want included at the station and surrounding public space.  Five-hundred and twenty (520) people responded and we learned:

  • 89% of the respondents didn’t feel safe coming/leaving the station
  • 78% of the respondents wanted a secondary entrance/exit located by Target/Aldi
  • 80% of the respondents want the CTA and city to include the community in the design plan for the public space and pedestrian access

Phase 1 has begun and in early November, GWNA hosted a community meeting with block clubs, the CTA—Jeff Wilson and Alderman’s office—Tressa Feher, to start the discussion on best use for the public space and pedestrian access.  The Wilson L Reconstruction Project has the power to transform Uptown and this sketchy and unsafe area into a remarkable TOD (Transportation Oriented Design) with a thriving retail corridor, beautifully landscaped public plaza and great amenities like pop-up farmer’s markets.

You’re invited to participate, if interested, send your name and email to gwna13@gmail


Public Safety

Cold weather has done little to slow down the gangs, violence and drug dealing.

Murder on Wilson

On Tuesday, December 9, a little after 10 Am, a young man was shot in the head after completing maintenance on fire extinguishers at the Wilson Men’s Club.  He was an innocent victim who unfortunately was in the line of fire as the gang bangers attempted to shoot their intended victim who was sitting in a parked car a few feet away.  The victim died the next day from his head wounds.

4513 N Magnolia—CHA building with Drug Sales & Gang Problems

Neighbors are banding together to tackle another criminal housing problem in our neighborhood.

Several folks living by 4315 N Magnolia observed a stream of people, with their loud woo-woo calls, signaling drug dealers in unit E from early morning to late evening.   They reached out to other block club members, contacted the CHA security director, Kates Detective, who monitors other CHA properties and the alderman’s staff.  Steps are being taken to remove the gang/drug dealers.  We’ve started a very active 911 call tree as part of our public safety initiative. More information in our next newsletter on people coming together to take back our streets and neighborhood.

Please go to and read the comments posted to the article on the murder on Wilson. Excellent points on how the criminal housing keeps the gangs and violence right out our front doors.

One Uptown resident’s comments ring true, Uptown Girl makes pointed remarks which are a clear sign that Uptown residents have had enough…

“Criminal Housing. Criminal Housing. Criminal Housing. Where is the fricken State’s Attorney? We and the police all know the gang bangers who live here and instigate the shooting. We know their leaders. We know where they live and whose leases they violate.”

You can click the link to read the rest of Uptown Girl’s comments or copy and paste the link below.

Voters Gearing Up—Mayoral/Aldermanic Election is February 24, 2015

VOTE! Municipal elections are upcoming and that means we need to get out the vote. There are three candidates running for alderman of the 46th Ward. Be sure to read up on each candidate and make an informed decision when you enter the ballot box.

Beyond that, remind your neighbors and anyone else you know in the 46th Ward of the date and let’s get everyone out to vote!

Happy Holidays to you and yours from the GWNA Family!

And let’s all look forward to a healthy, prosperous and SAFE 2015!


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens

Can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

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