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Graceland Wilson Neighbors Association

February 20, 2015


~CHA Criminal Housing—Crack-House at 4513 N Magnolia Closed

~Early Voting ends on Saturday—Election on Tuesday

~Your comments & suggestions—Facebook or email


Public Safety

CHA Finally Evicts Gang from 4513 N Magnolia

On Tuesday, February 17, the gang operating a drug house out of the CHA property at 4513 N. Magnolia has finally been evicted!

Thanks to the many GWNA Magnolia neighbors who banded together, sent photos of the drug dealers and customers, made hundreds of 911 calls and never gave up. We took a small step to improve our public safety to remove one more gang/drug dealer from our community.

However, the gangs still rule our streets and destroy public safety—this YouTube Video taken last summer at

Magnolia & Sunnyside shows the gang members proudly prancing at this intersection

Who are these young men? And where do they live? One lives in the Voice of the People building at 4426 N Clifton. He was prominently featured in a gang initiation video shot in the Voice of the People backyard at 4431 N Clifton in November 2013 that was sent to the property management, police and Alderman. The others reside nearby.

Time for a new strategy with tactics that shake up the status quo of ineffective housing practices and questionable alliances that protect criminals rights over peaceful citizens.  Time to examine the big picture on why crime continues to plague our neighborhood. And come up with innovative solutions to improve our quality of life—starting with public safety.

We have ideas on how to improve public safety—bet you do too.

Please send and share your ideas that positively reflect how we think outside the box and turn things around.

You can either email us at or find us on Facebook and post them on our page.

We’re listening.


Vote—Early Voting ends tomorrow, Saturday, February 21! Election on Tuesday!

Just a reminder that early voting in the municipal election ends tomorrow. There’s still time to get out and make your vote count!

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

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ONE is hosting an aldermanic forum on Sunday, Feb. 15, from 2 to 4 p.m. at Alternatives, Inc ( 4730 N. Sheridan ). but click the link below and check out the posts on EveryBlock, a great neighborhood blog.  Lots people taking about ONE, Organization of the NorthEast, that touts being about good affordable housing, yet never addresses lack of good property management practices to remove/deal with gang issues.

This will be an interesting candidate forum to attend and we hope all area residents will be there.

If you can’t make it next week, keep in mind that TOMORROW, Sunday 02/08, the League of Women Voters is holding a candidate forum at the Peoples Church, 941 W Lawrence. The event begins at 2 PM.

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Graceland-Wilson Neighbors Association
 (Montrose to Wilson, Malden to Broadway)
January 2015

Welcome to the New Year 2015—this newsletter will cover:

            Aldermanic Election, Ready, Set, VOTE!

            Crime and Public Safety—Cold weather doesn’t slow down the gangs

            Wilson L Station—Community Meetings to create a safe, enjoyable Public People Plaza with direct pedestrian connections

Civic Responsibilities

Three Candidates Running for 46th Ward Aldermanic–Get informed and VOTE!
The municipal election is upcoming on February 24, 2015. GWNA suggests you do your research on each candidate before voting. It is important that we all know what each candidate brings to the table and make an educated decision.

There are three candidates running and everyone should be well informed before casting their ballot. The aldermanic election is key to the prosperity, growth and health of our community so we ask each and everyone of you to have all your facts and keep your neighbors informed as well.

                                                    It’s that important!

Early voting begins next Monday, February 9 and continues through Saturday, February 21, 2015. You can vote between 9 AM and 5 PM. You can find more information about early voting by clicking here.

The next aldermanic forum is being held by the:

League of Women Voters of Chicago
Sunday, February 8 at 2:00 PM
The Peoples Church at 941 W. Lawrence Ave.

If you are as concerned about community leadership, public safety and development as we are, be sure you do your homework before heading to the polls.

Public Safety

4513 N Magnolia—CHA Criminal Housing Property
Tip of the Criminal Housing Iceberg

Despite hundreds of 911 calls on the drive-up crack-house operating out of the CHA property located at 4513 N Magnolia–Mookie and the boys remain on the premises defiantly conducting their drug dealing. This criminal housing property is just the latest crime hotspot plaguing our neighborhood along the Sunnyside gangway in our neighborhood. Additional criminal properties are concentrated near Sunnyside and include other CHA properties on Racine, Magnolia and Voice of People properties on Clifton. Several properties on Malden are also on the crime hotspot.

What happens to a neighborhood when the gangs who live among us believe they rule the streets? Check out this YouTube video filmed last year on the corner of Magnolia & Sunnyside  which confirms why we’ve made little progress in reducing gang violence on our streets. Play special attention to their mocking of the police camera on that corner.

Thanks to a vigilant group of neighbors who have witnessed the active drug dealing at 4513 N Magnolia and their lookouts, including 4450 N Racine CHA property—we have demanded the alderman, the CHA and other housing providers, the police, the City State’s attorney revise their policies and actions to expedite the removal of the criminals to assure our public safety is no longer compromised.

Supposedly, our voices are finally getting heard—however, actions speak louder than words—and we are still waiting for this to happen. GWNA will have several representatives at the CAPS meeting on Tuesday, February 3, to hear what the City and the property managers/owners are actually going to do.

Community Development

Wilson L Station Community Meetings to design Public-People Plaza
Safe enjoyable pedestrian access routes

We all know the $200+ Million Wilson L Station Restoration Project is underway, with a main station on Wilson and a second

Substation by Sunnyside:  What you may not know is this project doesn’t do much for making the surrounding public space and pedestrian access routes into a welcoming public space or wide sidewalks with seating and gardens. Pedestrians coming south from Montrose and west from our neighborhood face unlit dark passages, a long circuitous routes that feel unsafe. Folks coming from the east also face similar dark passages.

Neighbors who live nearby and use the Wilson L Station have formed the Wilson L Community Public Plaza committee. We plan on transforming this hodge-podge plot of land  behind the Aldi, Target and Truman. Just imagine what this space could become as a thriving public plaza with seating, gardens, pop-up food stands, and more.

If you want to help make this happen, please contact us at

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.

Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

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