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GWNA e-News, August 10, 2015

Sunnyside Mall—We had a Ball at the Sunnyside Arts & Music Fest

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The Sunnyside Mall Arts & Music Fest kicked off with a variety of artists showcasing their creations for all to enjoy and purchase.

From Marvel Comics cool art, to youthful jewelry and hairclips and lots of adorable dog art, folks stopped and shopped.

The show’s founder and director, Julianne, added a BBQ food truck and other refreshment vendors. Music filled the a mall while

Folks gathered, shopped, ate and chatted with neighbors.  Kudos to Julianne and her volunteers for transforming our Sunnyside Mall once again!

Let’s make next year bigger and better. Mark your calendar for August 6, 2016. Or better yet, volunteer with the Sunnyside Mall Arts & Music Fest planners.  If you’d like to volunteer, sign up today,

Public Safety—Criminal Housing, What’s the latest?

Good news is there have been no murders in our neighborhood since our last e-news.  Like bees on a hot August day, the gangs know their time is nearing an end; they’ve been brazenly buzzing around the Sunnyside Mall, Broncho Billy Playlot and up and down Malden attempting to keep hold of their territory.  Gangs think they own our streets, parks and public spaces—but the times are changing, neighbors continue to band together to clean up the criminal housing where many of the gangs call home—latest on the criminal housing and hot-spots.


Criminal Housing List

§  4520-4528 N Malden, Malden Apartments. High Crime Alert. Several gang units, heavy gang traffic and drug run. Rumors that eviction proceedings are underway. Property poorly maintained with open gang ways, unsecured doors, burned out lights.  Alderman has requested building inspection to identify code violations. Awaiting future eviction notifications. 

§  4425 N Malden, Unit F, CHA housing.  High Crime Alert.  CHA has promised security guards until gang unit F is evicted. Stay tuned.

§  4416-26 N Magnolia, VofP housing.  Watch Alert. Site of the June 9th murder in the alley. 

§  4446-4458 N Racine, CHA housing.  High Watch Alert.  This cluster of poorly designed CHA housing with hidden entrances, dark narrow walkways, and lack of lighting is a long time epicenter for criminal housing activities.  Several crack-house gang units have been vacated.

§  4439 N Clifton, VofP housing.  Units on 2nd and 3rd floor. Reported drug sales from 3rd floor unit. Second floor unit gang hangout for Crystal Griffin and the female faction of the gang.

§  4513 N Magnolia, CHA housing.  Open sales crack house unit vacated under community pressure. Building poorly maintained and secured.


Hot Spots—Gang cluster for selling drugs and recruiting

§  Bronco Billy Playlot, 4437 N Magnolia, This playlot designated for 12-under children is the unofficial Black P Stones Park.  Open drug sales, gang recruiting of young boys, fights, plagued with gangs who hang out at the adult basketball court.

§  Sunnyside Mall, gang clusters at Malden & Sunnyside. Drug sales and run along Malden. Gang run from 4520 N Malden to 4425 N Malden.


YOU can make a difference—5 actions you can take today

ü  Forward the GWNA e-news to your neighbors, subscribe at the end of the newsletter. Get informed.

ü  Join a neighborhood 911 call tree list, get your neighbors involved. Email

and we’ll connect you with one of the active 911 call tree lists

ü  Do something to positively activate our public places and streets.  For example:  Chicago Uptown Moms’ recently hosted a children’s play date at the Sunnyside Mall, another mom held a story-time gathering at Broncho Billy.  Sunnyside Mall volunteers are planting and maintaining several garden beds to beautify the mall. Mall events and ideas are transforming this public space. Volunteers welcome

The alderman has promised bike racks, new Sunnyside Mall signage. Brighter, human scaled lighting with shields to bath the mall with good lighting at night, etc. Sunnyside mall community meeting for sharing ideas coming soon, email if you want to be invited to the meeting.

ü  Join your block club, join your block club—GWNA boundaries are Montrose to Wilson, Broadway to Malden.  IF you sign up for the GWNA newsletter, we’ll be doing a special building membership drive soon. Monies go to support public spaces & events like the Sunnyside Mall.

ü  Get out and meet your neighbors. Spontaneous encounters and connecting with your neighbors can yield wonderful results.

Community Event—Sunnyside Mall hosts Movie Night this Wednesday

Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy an evening at the Sunnyside Mall on Wednesday.

Come meet your neighbors and have fun watching:

  • Wednesday, August 12, 8 PM
  • Movie: GREASE
  • Sunnyside Mall
  • Bring a chair, dogs are welcome

 See you Wednesday!

Coming in next GWNA e-newsletter

Update on promises made by Alderman and CTA at September 2013 Wilson L Station Community meeting on community public space design.

The largest community attendance recorded for a CTA public meeting brought out Uptown citizens who spoke out on what they wanted to see as part of a welcoming Wilson L public plaza design.   Learn more about the community design process and promises made at this meeting….

And remember~

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

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