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Public Safety Alert—Attempted Break-in on Malden Thwarted by Vigilant Neighbor

Received this alert from an observant neighbor—attempted break-in at 4529 N. Malden

Please have all neighbors be alert at all hours. This happened just before 10:30 AM on Jan 12. While I was working from home on Malden, I heard strange noises downstairs from the 1st floor apartment.

Thought at first it was just falling ice or a squirrel out on the deck. After 5 minutes I thought I would take a look make sure neighbor was OK. As I walked down the back stairs, I saw 3 African-American youths by her back door.

Not thinking, I just asked what they were doing and to leave. I called 911 immediately and told operator the males were head south down the alley. It was hard to determine their exact ages.  Height ranged from 5’5″-5’10”. They were wearing black puffer jackets/parkas hoods up, with scarves over their mouths, it was 7 degrees. One was wearing a red hat. Another was wearing a purple scarf.

The tallest one was thin, about 5’10” was the first to scoot. He had on baggy jeans with white embroidery down the back right leg and pocket. They didn’t gain entry, I had encountered them just as they broke the glass and unlocked the door.

Just keep an eye out day and night.

Maryville TIF Development Moves Forward—Despite protesters

The controversial Clarendon/Maryville TIF development on Montrose and Clarendon moved with approval by the Community Development Commission at the January 12 meeting. The developer, JDL Development, has revised plans to reduce the number of units to 381; with a yet unnamed grocery store on the first floor.

 The $125 million development has been in negotiations for years.

It seems every TIF, especially in Uptown, has its share of protesters. How do we find common ground and vision to create a healthy housing balance for our community?  That question remains to be answered

And always remember…

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

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