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Wilson Ave Ripe & Ready to become Uptown’s vibrant, new retail street

With the latest announcement Starbucks on Wilson & Magnolia is closing on March 7, another Wilson Ave. business will close it doors.

It’s hard to imagine with all the vacant storefronts along Wilson Ave., this empty storefront strip could be on the cusp of becoming Uptown’s emerging new retail corridor.

DNA Info recent articles have painted a bleak, cup half empty retail picture like last week’s piece: Wilson Ave. in Uptown in Flux, Businesses Grapple with Changes, click here to read full article

We bid farewell to Magnolia Café, Luna Salon and Spa, and Sheridan Park Food and Liquors may soon be joining the list of closed-door businesses.

Every neighborhood goes through its ups-and-downs—Uptown has been down so long, most people wonder when the upcycle will come.

Surveys and conversations with Sheridan Park neighbors who live nearby tell the same story—many of us shop, dine and spend our money on a variety of arts, cultural and entertainment activities outside the 46th ward.  There’s a lot of pent up frustration about our lack of casual, locally owned cafes and restaurants, or a cool micro-brewing pub to meet with friends, and outdoor dining patios are rare. But look carefully, Baker & Nosh has grown and prospered, Heritage Café, in the Flats property a few doors down, now offers wine and beer and stays open until 10 pm, and there’s a hometown feel with the new barber shop.

Rather than sit quietly and wait: we plan to be an active voice in transforming the dead retail streets into vibrant streets filled with people.

Your ideas/suggestions will be gathered in a variety of ways.  We’ll start the dialog by asking your input in a few surveys coming soon.

The first survey will be on the Wilson L & Sunnyside Substation public plaza amenities and connecting walkways. The second survey will focus on the retail corridors in our neighborhood.

TONIGHT: Underscore Theatre Company Presents: The Tiny Storefront Concert Series

Uptown’s newest theater company introduces “The Tiny Storefront Concert Series” tonight at their space, The Understudy. Underscore’s bi-monthly series features a new composer and the best vocalists in Chicago’s scene. Join them tonight at 8 PM for the brightest and the best new emerging talent Chicago has to offer!

The Understudy is located at 4635 N Clark St and suggested donation is $5.

Like us on Facebook. Post your ideas now.  Send suggestions to and imagine Uptown’s transformation is happening now!

And always remember…

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

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