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GWNA e-News   Chicago Tribune Features Wilson Underline on Front Page!

The Wilson Underline made the front page of the Chicago Tribune, March 25 edition!


Special Thanks to Julianne Scherer Johnson and Brett Weidl from the Wilson L Public Space Committee and Sarah Dinges, Executive Director Uptown United for their incredible work on this project.

Tribune Article—Wilson CTA Underline

Chicago Curbed Article also did a nice piece on transforming this public space into a dynamic community gathering place.

To view Wilson Underline design, please visit

We’ll continue to keep you up to date as things progress in the coming weeks! Please continue to support this proposal by spreading the word and sharing the articles with friends and neighbors.

REMINDER: GWNA Spring Social—See You Thursday, March 31st,  at the Driftwood Bar

Time for fun, food and libations while meeting your neighbors…Driftwood Bar, 1021 W. Montrose, 7-9 pm.

Pizza Donated By Our Friends at: The Godfather’s Pizza, 1265 W Wilson Ave, 773-878-8600

Remember to support our local businesses!

GWNA Spring Green Poster

Take this opportunity to become part of our growing GWNA block club. Membership forms/easy sign-up at this event. Can’t make it?

Download the membership form for individual or discounted multi-unit building membership.

GWNA Membership Form 2016

Coming soon…

~ Wilson L Public Space Survey Results

~ April 16, CLEAN & GREEN, 11-1PM

And always remember….

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.

Indeed, it is all that ever has.

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You’re Invited…

GWNA Spring Social on Thursday, March 31st

GWNA_Spring Social Poster

Our Uptown neighborhood is going through a metamorphosis!  New Wilson L station entrances have opened.  Community championing the dynamic Wilson Underline public space and that’s only the beginning.  Come out to the GWNA Spring Social on Thursday, March 31, for free pizza and great conversation about what’s happening in Uptown.  We’ll be at the Driftwood Bar, 1021 W Montrose from 7-9 pm.

Please download the attached flyer  link to flyer and post/share with your neighbors. Take advantage of GWNA building membership discounted rate: $10 per unit for multi-unit buildings when all units join. GWNA Membership Form 2016


Clean & Green: Saturday, April 16, 11-1pm on the Sunnyside Mall

And always remember….

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

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Last Chance to Take Survey

GWNA Newsletter, March 21, 2016

GWNA e-News–Community Voices their Opinion on Wilson L Public Space


Last call to take the Wilson L Public Space Survey—Click here for survey

GWNA March 9th newsletter included the CTA proposed plan for a parking lot enclosed with fencing.


And the community proposed Wilson Underline plan with wide, landscaped sidewalks providing safe passageways for all residents.


Since the Wilson L public space survey launched March 9th, more than 800 residents have shared their opinions on the best design plan for the

Wilson L public space. For example, residents want:

·         94% prefer the Wilson Underline plan

·         90% said the Wilson Underline plan makes them feel safer

·         86% said the Wilson Underline plan would make them more likely to use the Wilson and/or Sunnyside entrances

Visit the Wilson Underline website and read all about it.

Better yet, share this newsletter and survey link with your neighbors:

Complete survey results and next steps including a community meeting on Wilson L Public Space coming soon.


SAVE THE DATE—GWNA Spring Meet & Greet on March 31

GWNA Spring Meet & Greet and membership drive is set for Thursday, March 31, 7-9pm.

Flyer and details will follow this week.  Mark your planner and join the community conversation about all the good things happening in Uptown.

And always remember….

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

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GWNA e-Newsletter: Wilson L Public Space—What amenities do you want?

March 9, 2016

Will the public space surrounding the Wilson L Station & Sunnyside auxiliary entrance be a welcoming place that connects our community with a safe, bustling transportation hub filled with great amenities, quick, easy access with wide open walkways, seating and beautiful landscaping?

A short history on the Wilson L Public Space…

Back in September 16, 2014, the CTA hosted the Wilson L Station Renovation Community Meeting in a room packed with hundreds of Uptown residents eager to see the CTA design plan for the public space around Wilson L station & Sunnyside  auxiliary entrance (behind Aldi & Target).

CTA staff presented public space renderings for a massive parking lot surrounded with high fences and glaring security lights. Jeff Wilson, CTA Community Relations manager, confirmed the plan for the Wilson L and Sunnyside auxiliary entrance public space would be one large parking lot from Montrose to Wilson, modeled after the Belmont L Station. An unwelcoming public space designed for cars, not commuters or pedestrians.


Current CTA plan for the Wilson L Public Space—Large parking lot


 During the public comments session, for more than an hour (unfortunately no minutes of this public meeting were recorded),

Citizens came to the microphone to speak about what they wanted in this public space—everyone agreed parking be provided for Aldi and McJunkin customers. Residents also wanted a public space that welcomes pedestrians and commuters with wide open walkways and nice landscaping. A public space to host community events like farmers’ markets, live music and food trucks. They also requested good seating, dynamic lighting and public art much like this rendering…

Community Vision for the Wilson L Public Space


At the end of the meeting, Ald. Cappleman assured everyone he heard what the community wanted and would actively support this plan.  However, the CTA plans have remained unchanged, so block club members formed the Wilson L Public Space Committee to put forward the community vision for the space. The Committee and Uptown United collaborated on a design to rethink the best use of funds for the public space. We are not the only ones over the past several years to study the potential at this site.  Several organizations have studied this site and have found that creating a public space conducive to Transit Oriented Design is a better community-based solution in lieu of a parking lot. A community-gathering space with great amenities, rather than a parking lot, will improve walkability and sales for surrounding retailers by creating a welcoming gateway that transforms Uptown into an inviting Chicago destination. 

Which public space design do you want?

We heard the community so members of the Committee drafted a community space design named the WILSON UNDERLINE

Please let us know your thoughts by taking the Wilson L public space survey. The survey will be used to clarify what the community wants for the Wilson L Public Space design plan.

Click and take the Survey now

Please complete the survey now and forward it to your neighbors TODAY!

You can also check out the WILSON UNDERLINE website for more information at

Thank you!

And always remember…

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

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