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GWNA e-Newsletter, July 22, 2016


 Yard Sale Flyer 2016

Time to clean out the closets, basement and find a new home for all that stuff you no longer use.

The Annual Sheridan Park Yard Sale in coming up:

CHA Gang tenants & Hot Drug Sales Spots

It’s been a very busy summer for the gang activity in our neighborhood. Our 911 call groups have grown by leaps and bounds and reports indicate…

Two CHA housing properties continue to harbor tenants who are NOT lease compliant—this properties have active gangs who sell drugs, carry guns and are involved with recent shootings in the neighborhood.

  • CHA 4425 N Malden, Unit F—Sims brothers, one brother was recently shot in front of Bezazian Library.  He managed to come out in his wheelchair to conduct gang business in the Sunnyside Mall by Malden.
  • CHA 4454 N Magnolia, Unit E—Tracy Dixon tenant.  The gangs have torn off the back gate for easy access, turned the corner of Magnolia and Sunnyside into a drive-up-get-your-drugs corner. Despite the fact that they are in plain view of the police security camera on that corner. There are also multiple cameras on this property.
  • Also gang activity in other subsidized housing properties including Vof P 4431 N Racine and CHA 4454 N Racine—same unit that was vacated by the Williams brothers.

Our public safety has been compromised for decades by negligent property management and building owners who house tenants who know very little is done to evict them for illegal activity. Time for GWNA and all Sheridan Park Block Clubs to step up and demand compliance or risk losing their properties.

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GWNA e-News, July 12, 2016


Courtenay Budding Gardeners Plant Sunnyside Mall Pollinator Garden

BG 1

It takes a village or a community coming together to work its magic—so it seems true—for the Courtenay Budding Gardeners 1st grade class who planted the Sunnyside Mall Butterflies and Bees Garden. When the U of I Master Gardeners Program offered its mini-grant program, Joanne Gannett who is a community representative with the Courtenay LAC, and Katharine Boyda, a Master Gardener and Sunnyside mall gardener decided to go for it.


They worked with Michelle King, teacher extraordinaire, to create the 1st Budding Gardeners proposal and won the grant!  Julie Emerick and Katie Peltier, Uptown residents and Master Gardeners developed and taught a Butterflies and Bees Budding Gardeners program.  We quickly learned the children knew lots about nature, worms and how to grow great plants. For example, “You have to tickle the plant roots when you plant.”

Josh McGhee, DNAinfo reporter, tells our story best in the DNAinfo June 7th story, read all about it…

Uptown keeps growing its gardens and green spaces. May this be the first of many community garden collaborations!


Uptown Garden Tours on Saturday, July 16

Uptown is home to a variety of gardens and green spaces that offer beauty and a quiet respite for city dwellers. The First Annual Uptown Garden Tours will take place this Saturday, July 16. Thanks to the Institute for Cultural Affairs for creating and hosting the tours that feature our Uptown gardens and green places!

There will be 3 themed tours, residents can also pick up a map at a start location for a self-guided anytime during the day:

The Sidewalk Tour at 10AM starting at Chase Park, 4701 N. Ashland, will showcase reimagined neighborhood spaces, such as Sunnyside Mall, as nontraditional gardens.

The Coastal Tour at 1PM starting at Margate Park, 4921 N. Marine, will tour Uptown’s original coastline gardens and native habitats, such as the Marovitz Savanna and Sunshine Garden.

The Heritage Tour at 7PM starting at Winthrop Family Historical Garden, 4630 N. Winthrop, will tour garden associated with Uptown history.

For more information, find the Uptown Garden Walk on Facebook!


Please forward this newsletter to your neighbors, ask them to sign up for our newsletter. New members welcome, the more members the stronger we grow.

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