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Gregory Sims, who is Uptown’s third murder victim since August 3rd, was shot to death at 2:42 PM on the 4500 block of Kenmore. Sims died of multiple gunshot wounds around 6PM on September 6, at Illinois Masonic Hospital. 

Unfortunately Sims’ murder is not a surprise based on his lifestyle filled with gangs, drugs and prison with his recent release from parole.

Read the details in Crime in Wrigleyville & Boystown:

Sims and his brothers are well known to Sheridan Park Crime & Public Safety 911 Call groups who, for the past year,  have been repeatedly calling 911, attending CAPS and CHA management meetings—demanding the Sims be evicted from the CHA housing at 4425 N Malden.

The remaining Sims brothers still reside at CHA 4425 N. Malden. The CHA continues to endanger our community by poor property management practices. Our neighborhood public safety watch groups will not give up on demanding the CHA, Voice of People and other government subsidized housing are in compliance with their SAFE HOUSING PRACTICES, or lose such properties.

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