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GWNA Public Safety Alert—Uptown’s Hi City Hoola Gang Shooting Rampage Aimed at Police Officers

November 6, 2016

Sunday night, 7:42 PM.  Gunfire once again exploded along Wilson Ave. This time, Chicago Police Officers were on foot patrol and ensued chasing the shooters. One of the shooters turned and began firing shots at the police officers! Thankfully no one was hit by the gang bangers’ bullets.

Within minutes, our Sheridan Park streets were a sea of blue flashing lights on Police SUVs.

Two shooters were arrested. One arrest at the CHA 4446 N Magnolia property.

The second male was arrested in the place he lives in the 4800 block of N. Magnolia

Read all about the latest shooting spree covered in Crime in Boystown & Wrigleyville (insert link)

Uptown’s 2016 murders, with a heavy concentration in the Sheridan Park and Clarendon Park communities, stands at 9 fatalities so far.

Forty shootings, that’s right, 40 shootings on our streets.

We commend and are extremely grateful for the outstanding Chicago Police response.

However, it is not the Chicago Police Department’s job to assure the subsidized housing, where most of these gang fools live, follows best practices for screening tenants, promptly deals with tenants not in compliance and removing/evicting those who destroy our public safety.

What’s missing in solving this escalating public safety issue?
When are we citizens going to stand up and demand the CHA, VOP and other subsidized housing providers do their job? Clean out the gangs? And bring peace back to our community?

And always remember…..

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

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GWNA e-Newsletter, November 1, 2016


Another Murder, Another Shooting, Happy Halloween in Sheridan Park


While Halloween night on Sheridan Park streets hosted Trick or Treating kids and their parents, another kind of scary was happening in Uptown.


Gunfire once again rang through the streets at 6:50 PM last night.  911 callers reported another shooting by Truman College just west of the Wilson L station.  According to Uptown Update, a 24 year old male was transported to Illinois Masonic, where he died.


A second shooting was reported around 11PM at the Sunnyside Mall near Malden. This time, a 15 year old male was shot in the leg.


These gang murders and shootings come on top of Tramell Williams’ murder on Wednesday, October 26, at 4Pm outside the Voice of the People building at 4431 N Racine. Williams had been living in the 3rd floor south unit since CHA ousted the Williams brothers and their mother a few years ago.


Now the one remaining brother, Andre Williams, who’s alive and not in jail, is seeking revenge. See his photos below.


Keep your eyes peeled for Andre Williams. He’s hard to miss. Stands 6’4” and walks with a limp from gunfire wounds.


Andre Williams lives at/around the CHA 4425 N Malden property with the Sims brothers. He also may hang out at the VofP 4431 N Racine property. His brother Tyriese is in prison.


It is alleged that Williams has been a designated shooter and was a Black P Stone leader, although his rank is currently unknown.

andre1 andre2


The police have done an outstanding job. The real culprits that have failed miserably to “provide safe housing” in our community are the CHA and Voice of the People folks. Their lack of good tenant practices and reinforcement of tenant guidelines makes them the real bull-eye for reform.


And always remember…

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

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