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GWNA Newsletter, May 30, 2017


SWAT Raid on CHA Property—4425 N Malden


Thanks to the News-Star publication for the front page story on the SWAT team raid of CHA 4425 N Malden criminal housing where the Sims brothers have operated their gang house for years.


The Chicago police in full SWAT gear and federal drug enforcement authorities raided the home of Jabri Sims, 18, and Jordan Sims, 21, in the 4400 block of N. Malden (4425 N Malden exact address) around 3:45 pm on May 16, according to a source.


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The article raises several critical issues—why has the female on the lease, Tracy Sims, not been evicted after years of allowing her sons to operate their violent gang and drug house operations out of this CHA unit?  Why has Jordan Sims, who was released the next day, been allowed to move right back in with mom? Why doesn’t HUD hold the CHA in contempt for not enforcing HUD policies and regulations?


Many Uptown residents have been asking why the CHA won’t follow their own written policies and evict known gang members

And their supporters out of CHA buildings? And wondering if criminal housing statutes can be used against the CHA?


Ask this man—CHA CEO Eugene Jones—public safety standards start at the top.

04.12.16 – Chicago, IL – Headshots of CEO Eugene Jones, Jr.


The last GWNA issued covered the story on Jones being ousted from the Toronto Community Housing Corp for abysmal failure of leadership.

Shortly after his ousting, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel appointed Jones as CHA CEO—go figure the common sense of that decision. Maybe we should be asking the mayor the same questions.


We will continue our campaign for public safety and enforcement of safe housing policies. 4425 N Malden is the tip of the criminal housing problems plaguing our Sheridan Park public safety.


Stay tuned…

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04.12.16 – Chicago, IL – Headshots of CEO Eugene Jones, Jr.

Who is this man? And why should you care?  Eugene Jones Jr., the current CHA CEO pictured above, was a no-show at the May 2nd CAPS  meeting. After confirming at 4PM he would attend the CAPS meeting, Jones failed to attend. Instead Jones sent Anthony Powell, CHA Security Director. And Eric Cato, Kates Detective & Security, Senior Director to take the heat from the crowd.   Residents’ anger has reached an all-time high with the uptick in weekly gang shootings, murders and public street vigils to honor their gang members slain on Sheridan Park streets.


Residents’ anger and frustration stems from the gangs’ growing violence and gun battles on our streets—even though it’s a known fact many of the gangs operate out of identified CHA and Voice of the People properties. One of the worst properties is CHA 4425 N Malden where the Sims brothers have terrorized the neighborhood for years. For years.  The oldest Sims brother, Greg Sims, was shot to death on September 6, 2016, on Wilson and Kenmore. The Sims 18 year old twin brothers, James and Jabri, have taken the Black P Stone gang leader reins.  And continue to operate their gang HQ out of CHA 4425 N Malden.


Over and over, residents made their pleas for solutions. One of the most passionate stories was told by a woman who lives in the CHA 4425 N Malden property. As she began, her voice and anxiety increasing, pointing to Eric Kato and Anthony Powell, “I can’t let my children play outside. I am at the hospital all the time for my high blood pressure. I don’t sleep at night with the gangs constantly coming and going, slamming the gate and conducting their business all night long. I have talked to you and everyone in the office to do something. And nothing gets done.”


So why has the CHA failed so abysmally to honor its mandate of well managed, safe housing? And deal effectively by evicting tenants like the Sims who are not compliant with their lease?   The CHA has a long history of poor leadership and management turnover. Eugene Jones is but the latest CHA CEO who apparently lacks the leadership skills to tackle deeply endemic management issues.


Jones was nominated as acting CHA CEO by Mayor Rahm Emanuel in June 2014—despite the fact that just one year earlier Jones was forced out of his job as Toronto Community Housing Corporation CEO.  A scathing 111-page report cited Jones’ “abject failure of leadership” with multiple examples for his ousting.  Click here to read Toronto Star article—Gene Jones to lead Chicago Housing Authority.


Why did Emanuel appoint Jones as acting CHA CEO after Toronto Community Housing let him go?


Ironically—in the middle of the night following this CAPS meeting.  A series of gun shots once again blasted our neighborhood at 1:30 am.

This time, gang members on the porch of Voice of the People 4431 N Racine property, returned gun fire to rival gang members shooting at them from the street. Police arrived quickly, but were not able to enter the property because the gang members sitting on the Voice of People porch would not let them enter.  Turns out one of the 4431 N Racine tenants sons was recently released from prison and moved back in with mom.


~ How do we change tactics and stand up for our rights to live in a peaceful community?

~ How do we hold the CHA and Voice of the People accountable?

~ Time to demand a full housing inventory in Sheridan Park?  Yes.

~ Time to demand full compliance and enforcement of tenant leases? Yes


Coming in our next GWNA newsletter…

Short survey on proposed Wilson Ave changes and businesses

Save the date for Sheridan Park Block Club party and Yard Sale

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Sheridan Park Gangs’ Shooting Rampage Continues


The gangs continued shooting up our streets this Saturday just before 5PM.  A male teen was shot in the head on the 4400 block of Magnolia. Just south of the Broncho Billy Playlot.  No suspects in custody.  Victim in critical condition.

Click to read DNA info article.


Public safety 911 call group eye witnesses observed Jabri Sims, running back to CHA 4425 N Malden unit, where he and his brother James operate their Black P Stone gang headquarters operation.


The CHA 4425 N Malden property has been at the top of our CRIME HIGH ALERT list for years.  CHA’s failure to deal with the Sims brothers continues to jeopardize our public safety every day. We, as a community, demand the CHA reform their housing policies. Or lose their properties.


CAPS meeting, Tuesday, May 2—Come one, Come all


Folks are mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore. We all live with the consequences of the CHA and other subsidized housing providers that don’t seem to have a clue about dealing with their gang tenants.  The time has come for rapid reform.

CAPS meeting—Tuesday, May 2. 6:30 PM

Courtenay School—Main Entrance on Beacon, first door north of Montrose with intercom


GWNA April Members Meeting —Change is happening rapidly, Voice your Views

Thanks to Brian, owner of Emerald City Coffee, for hosting our April 19th block club meeting.

We had a great turnout and good conversations on many community topics/issues. Also thanks to Alderman Cappleman and Caitlin from his staff.




Public safety remains a key issue. Magnolia north of Wilson was closed twice on Saturday, April 15, with more gun fire and shootings around the Magnolia and Leland intersection. Apparently the problem buildings with tenants behaving badly have been identified. Public Safety 911 members have been in touch with the property owners and managers. Stay tuned.


Wilson Underline Public Plaza  Alderman Cappleman has called Doral Carter, CTA president, and officially requested a public meeting to resolve the CTA points of contention on establishing a public plaza around the Wilson L and Sunnyside substation.  The Wilson Underline community-driven project is alive and well.  The Open Space Impact Fee funds, OSIF, has over $300,000 available to fund the initial phases of the Wilson Underline project.   We hope to apply for these funds very soon to jumpstart the Wilson Underline project.


Package Goods Liquor Store proposal at former site of Sheridan Park Liquors. Two gentlemen and their attorney presented their proposal to open another package liquor store at 1255 W Wilson.  We had a good discussion on would this store have any additional value-added offerings. Not really. We agreed the community, through a Sheridan Park survey, would determine if we want and would support another package liquor store opening at

1255 W. Wilson. Survey will be up and running shortly.


Kalish owner, Andy Kalish, made a plea for metered parking.  Andy Kalish requested metered parking along the strip of Wilson frontage by Kalish and his soon to open new restaurants.  When asked about the new restaurant concepts, Andy was slim on details. Some area residents already are airing their dissatisfaction with this plea saying parking is at a premium and these meters are not needed.


Uptown United, Justin Weidl, discussed the retail changes happening in Uptown.  Justin is working on the continued improvements for streetscaping that have a big impact on pedestrians and shoppers along our retail corridors.  He’s working hard to bring a new look to our streets through tree care and plantings and other enhancements that signal people to come and stay awhile.



And always remember…

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful , committed people can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

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