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Uptown Stabbing Death of 12-Year-Old—Mom’s Boyfriend Charged with Murder

Just when you didn’t’ think the crime in Uptown could be any more hideous, a 12 year old girl was beaten and stabbed to death by her mother’s boyfriend who was recently released from prison for domestic battery.

Alexis Stubbs, who lived with her mother in the 4600 block of north Beacon, was killed her home around 9:45pm on Sunday, June 11th.  John Singleton, the mother’s boyfriend, was later arrested and charged with the murder.  Click here to read the DNAInfo article.

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CHA and Voice of the People criminal housing issues continue to plague our community’s public safety.

Survey results—what the community decided about Wilson Ave metered parking and package liquor store.


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Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

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