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Fix-Wilson-Yard Community Meeting

Wilson Yard is the key to Uptown’s future. Join us for an eye-opening meeting to learn how this plan has radically changed, its impact on Uptown, and citizens’ legal action.

Fix-Wilson-Yard Community Meeting:
• Thursday, August 14, 7 pm
• Buena Pointe, 4350 N. Broadway

“Wilson Yard is a future slum for Uptown”
Urban Planner, Urban Land Institute

Do you know the facts on Wilson Yard?
• Failed housing model: 200 units of 100% subsidized low-income housing
• Higher property taxes: Over $50 million of local property taxes pouring into the housing
• Increased crime: This housing will be a beacon for even more crime in Uptown!
• Target? Target has yet to sign a letter of agreement, or any other written agreement
• Traffic Congestion: City’s traffic study conducted in September, not peak summer months.

What you can do NOW!
1. Come to the meeting
2. Visit
3. Talk to your neighbors
4. Donate today

Get informed, support Uptown’s future. Tax-deductible donations can be made on-line at

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Fix Wilson Yard website up and running!

Wilson Yard–Citizens take legal action
Will the 46th Ward’s sliver of land called Wilson Yard break Uptown’s
gritty, poverty-ridden cycle? Or will it suck Uptown deeper into the poverty vortex.
Thousands of Uptown resident are frustrated with the radically altered Wilson Yard Development plan that will drag Uptown down such a vortex. Taxpayers and residents alike, who would otherwise be left footing a $54 million tax bill for this development, are taking legal action NOW.
A newly formed citizens’ group has started a campaign, Fix Wilson Yard.
They have retained two leading law firms with expertise and backgrounds in successfully defeating municipalities in land-use and TIF litigation. These lawyers are hard at work and have already identified a number of potential procedural and substantive grounds on which to sue.
The organization’s efforts include, a website,, and grassroots community meetings and fundraisers, We believe that these efforts, when combined with the dedication and passion of the people of Uptown, will force our government to return the direction of the Wilson Yard project to the TIF’s original Mission: To create a vibrant and cohesive mixed-use, mixed-income development.
Please visit for much more information.

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