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How do you Heal A Broken Intersection? Streets are undervalued public spaces that if programmed with creativity, can transform dangerous intersections into lively plazas. In Uptown, not everyone lives near a park, but everyone lives on a street.
Can you imagine reclaiming the intersection of Broadway, Montrose, and Sheridan (the intersection with the highest crash rate in the 46th Ward) to be a space with greenery, coffee stands, and hula hooping?
Bike Uptown has developed a draft rendering of the intersection that re-enlivens it to make way for people by improving safety and harnessing its potential as a gateway to Uptown. Our advisory group has been working with Alderman Cappleman, the Chicago Department of Transportation and other interested parties to make the space calmer, less confusing and as hazard-free as possible for all users.
The design presented is not final, but a suggestion to activate the discussion and get positive changes to the intersection of Broadway, Montrose, and Sheridan moving forward. We would like to get feedback from our fellow neighbors to see what they like and dislike about the redesign. What do you think?
Visit Bike Uptown’s post to see a diagram of a possible solution here.
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